Patios That Are Amazing

Although there’s not a perfect way to predict what the future might bring, you can still use your opinions of the future when planning the look for your new patio. How about creating a patio that has a retro modern look with minimal need for any work intensive gardening skills?

Think of clean lines for patio furniture, possibly with stainless steel pieces or sets that use other similar and sleek materials. Obviously, there’s not exactly a huge supply of stainless steel patio furniture available yet, but just be creative and you’ll find plenty of great alternatives. Just promise to get rid of the forest green plastic chairs that have been fading in the sun on your patio since the mid-nineties!

For your landscaping surround, use polished rock pebbles instead of dirty old wood mulch. Or, try going all out and be really daring by substituting pebbles for all of the high maintenance grass you hate to mow so much anyway. Pebbles are practically guaranteed to the lawn of the future, especially if you have a small yard space anyway. You’ll just be one step ahead of the curve.

Add easy stainless steel solar powered garden lights around the perimeter or your hardscape for just the right ambiance. Finish your patio landscape off with a nice minimalist abstract sculpture and you have an incredibly striking patio straight from the future… a patio that is very unique, very affordable, very easy to maintain, and so very now.

When your patio is complete, have a party and invite all of your friends and neighbors to celebrate your creation. Be sure to fire up that new stainless grill and cook up all of the favorite barbecue for them. Also, play some futuristic new wave music from the eighties. You will be the star of the neighborhood!Decorating your commercial or residential property with patio designs is worthwhile. However, to ensure that the furniture lasts longer you need to maintain the patio furniture. Therefore, one excellent option to make the patio sets durable is to use covers and shades for the outdoor furniture.