21 Mar 2019

I’d say we’ve been in hibernation long enough, wouldn’t you? Well…..Not quite yet. I know it’s tempting to get out side and start that spring yard clean up. But sometimes you could be doing more damage to your yard than good if you start too early. March is a transition month that comes with two sets of instructions: “if frozen…” and “if thawed.” There are a few criteria we need to get through before we can get out and start our spring yard clean up. Snow needs to be melted, the ground needs to be unfrozen, and the mud needs to dry up. This is because we don’t want to be tromping around in mud compacting the soil even more. Also, if certain beneficial insects are not  done with there overwintering cycles, we can harm them. And honestly, who wants to be slipping and sliding in the mud anyways.

spring yard clean up

March Chore list


If all the boxes are checked from the list above, then it’s safe to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and get a healthy dose of gardening in. If they are not, then lucky you…Get yourself a coffee, maybe with some baileys 😉 and wait for better weather


Get out the rakes!

Rake all the debris from over the winter.  Get some of that thatch out of the lawns, sticks from the yard, and leaves out of the beds, especially off of the early blooming bulbs so they can get a healthy, unimpeded start.


Cut back ornamental grasses and other perennials

Now is a great time to clean up and cut any dead and rotting plant material, russian sage, grasses, nepeta, sedum heads. Even if they are early bloomers, cut them back so they have time to push out a beautiful show.



Prune out dead wood from woody shrubs.  Cut back butterfly bushes (to the ground if you want manageable sized shrubs), hybrid roses (to about 20″ and all dead wood), Paniculata hydrangea (the big white cone shaped ones, prune for shapeliness). BUT don’t prune any spring blooming shrubs, ex. Lilacs, because you will cut off their buds.



Top dress your gardens and raised beds with compost. An overlooked spring yard clean up chore!


Empty your bird boxes

No one wants to move into a dirty house, not even the birds. Be sure to wear gloves for this chore and tight fitting sleeves….no one wants a mouse up their sleeve!


Order your mulch now

If you are getting mulch from us, now is a good time to reserve your quantity. Suppliers tend to get backed up and this way you ensure mulch when you want it. Skip the plastic bagged mulch from box stores, and all the wasted resources that go into it by ordering bulk! Quality is much better and the price is much more reasonable.


Indoor seed starting

Save money and have a repeat and early harvest in your garden with these fun seed starting tips and tricks from The Landscaper’s Wife Design Company 


Plan with a Professional

Contact us for now spring services, spring yard clean ups, planting, mulching, lime applications, fertilizer programs, and mowing to ensure our schedule doesn’t fill up.


Now if also the best time to get those big projects, like patios, excavation, outdoor living, masonry, design in the works as well.

spring yard clean up