02 Feb 2017

After being cooped up all winter, yard work isn’t sounding too bad. Here are our top suggestions for getting your yard ready for the growing season:

·         Do a general clean up of the grassy areas and the beds. Remove and leaves, sticks, and debris that have accumulated over the winter. Don’t forget to remove any built up mulch at the base of plants to avoid root rot, mold, and insect damage.

·         Spread out any left over stubborn snow piles that haven’t melted yet to prevent mold from growing and damage to your yard

·         Now is a good time to cut back perennials and grasses so they regenerate bigger and healthier. I like to cut mine back to 20% of the maximum height. So a five foot grass should get cut back to about 12-18”.

·         It’s also a good time to divide perennials and transplant so you have new plants to enjoy for the season

·         Don’t prune most species of trees in spring as they are budding and more susceptible to stress. I like to wait until fall for this task.

·         Also, don’t prune spring blooming shrubs as they are setting up for their flowers now.

·         Consider aerating your lawn. It allows a decrease in compaction, allowing more water flow and a deeper root system.  In addition to that, a good fertilizer and weed control can give your yard the boost it needs to get growing and control weeds before they start spreading.

·         Wait until May to turn on irrigation systems, after the chance of a hard freeze

·         Make a plan of any outdoor projects you want to do now and a timeline to get them done.


If you follow these tips, you’ll have your yard off to a great start for the season ahead. Don’t hesitate to contact us is you have any questions or want to schedule maintenance.


Happy Spring!