29 Jun 2017

‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea

Probably one of my all time favorite shrubs, the Annabelle hydrangea is just a beauty this time of year. It’s a hardy form of arborescens (which are native to CT) that does superb in our colder climate where the blue macrophylla varieties often under perform.

1738They produce stunning large white flowers, sometimes reaching 10″ across and can be cut back harshly in the fall and still bloom the next year. I like the fact that the foliage emerges early in the spring and the bloom time is quite long, spanning from early summer to sometimes fall. It makes for season long interest in your garden.

They prefer morning sun and can reach 5′ tall and wide. Just a bit of advice: buy these when in bloom because you could end up with the wild variety that doesn’t keep as tidy of a shape and the blooms aren’t as showy, and more lace like. It’s happened to me before as a result of being impatient and wanting to plant at the start of the season.

If anyone knows my designs, I like to slip these in, often as a hedge or mass grouping. A great addition to to many types of landscapes.