02 Jan 2017

Landscape Rocks

I know, I know…they’re not actually plants but I seem to use boulders and rocks just as much as vegetation in my designs these days. Especially as the 90 degree days keep piling on and the plants are wilting and brown, rocks are looking better and better.

Most people overlook this element when planting, but stones accompanying plants can be a refreshing way to add color, texture, and interest in your gardens. Not to mention, they don’t die, wilt, need water, or have to coordinate bloom times with other plants.

Some tips to keep in mind when incorporating rocks into your landscape:

Stay with the same type of stone, often one native to your area. Where we are in New England, natural fieldstone works well. The color and shape and even the moss growing on it only adds to the character of your garden.

Remember that the stones will be a dominant fixture in the winter months so give it a place appropriate for when the plants are dormant.

Don’t overdo it. One or two stones is often all you need to make a statement. However, if you live in a rocky area, many rock may suit your landscape.


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