15 Mar 2018

Image result for sunken fire pitAs we head into our 2018 landscape season, I tend to reflect on last year’s trends that I saw growing in popularity and that I hope to see continue into this year. If you’re planning on tackling a project this year, keep some of these growing trends in mind. Who knows, maybe you can incorporate them into your yards!

The first, which has dominated on my clients’ list of requests is conservationist style, eco-friendly landscaping. Using native plant material that is “nature made” for the area saves time, money, water, and replacement costs and looks Image result for native plantslike it belongs because it actually does. Also utilized are smarter irrigation practices and xeriscaping (planning a landscape to use low-water-use plants). A recent fun idea we’ve been experimenting with are meadow plantings instead of lawns. Imagine looking out your window at a beautiful mix of native grasses and wild flowers blowing with the breeze (and practically zero maintenance once established!) instead of a burnt vast expanse of traditional lawn. This is one trend that is here to stay

Experimentation in landscaping makes a landscape designer really excited. Instead of the simple 20’x20’ one level, square patios of the past, our clients have been more than willing to experiment with design elements such as multilevel spaces (picture a cozy sunk in fire pit), mixing of materials (stone borders, inlays, etc to break up a space), and awesome features (pizza ovens have been huge!). What is going to be more enticing, a concrete pad with a table on it or a multi spaced patio with 2 or three different design components?

Image result for outdoor lightingTechnology has been creeping into our field over the last decade and I don’t hate it 😉 Think wifi sound systems, soft outdoor lighting, programmable timers, propane fire features that ignite at the push of a button, water features…you get the picture!

So whether you’re sprucing up your flower boxes (think native!) or overhauling your whole backyard (call me, let’s talk!) try incorporating some of these elements into your yards. This, of course, is all dependent on this snow melting and spring finally getting here. UGH

Well, happy gardening my friends! Do me a favor and think spring!—Crystal