We Design Your Landscape

When taking that initial step in a large landscape renovation, it is helpful for our customers to envision what their property will look like after its transformation. Langer Landscapes specializes in landscape design and consultation. We work with our clients closely to make sure the vision and design align. From small scale gardens to entire property planning, we are certified and experienced to do it all.  Contact us today to set up a consultation meeting.


  • complete property design
  • foundation planting design
  • patio and walkway design
  • native landscapes
  • poolscaping design
  • garden- vegetable, herb, & flower

We offer CAD rendering, 3D  walkthroughs, detailed plant lists, colorful 2D drawings. Envision your landscape project before even breaking ground! Check out our Landscape Designer’s site for ideas HERE

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Do You Really Need a Landscape Designer?

Well, this is a very open ended question. And while we do many amazing installs without a formal design, we know how important the benefits of a well thought out plan are for creating a beautiful, cohesive space as well.

Do you love you space right now? I mean, really can’t get enough of it? Or do you look out your window and wish you had a space you could enjoy more? Or maybe even hate your yard? Yes, we can plunk a patio in the middle of that yard, but will that really make you want to go out there more? A good landscape design can change all of that and give you a space that you can’t get enough of.

Whether you plan to install some or all of the landscape design or need to have someone (or us!) install it for you, having a well thought out landscape design can make all the difference in the final outcome of your landscape project and the investment you put into it.

I work very hard to make sure I get to know you, your family, and your lifestyle and include you as an integral part of my design process. This insures that no two landscapes are alike and it is YOUR landscape design and will fulfill YOUR wants and needs. Before we get started, I have you fill out a detailed landscape questionnaire so I can get a jump start on who you are and what you want out of your space and if a landscape design is even right for you and then continue to get to know you and your landscape through multiple meetings.




A question we get asked often is ‘Why would I pay for a design if a design/build contractor will do it for free?’ Like most things in life… you get what you pay for. And I know that all too well, as Langer Landscapes is both a design/build firm. I know the value of a well thought out design. Being a design /build firm, our customers get the best of both worlds. Even when they don’t purchase a formal design, they still get an artistic eye and knowledgeable installation, however, on some projects that is just not enough.


After: Designed and installed by Langer Landscapes

Some projects require the time, thought and expertise that goes into a landscape design. Issues need to be considered like multiple viewpoints, privacy and screening, elevations and retaining grades, your lifestyle and preferences, the site conditions and climate zone. These cannot be considered in a 20 minute meeting.

So what will a landscape design plan include? My landscape plans typically include a hardscape plan, planting plan, plant photos, plant list, lighting layout and any necessary details needed for construction. This is more in depth than the information that can be provided by painting out lines in your yard or a quick sketch on a piece of paper.


Plans also allow for project phasing. This can help you get the landscape you want while staying in budget and installing smaller parts of the landscape each


Conceptual Plan for Guilford Waterfront Project

year until you complete all of the phases and the landscape is a cohesive whole. Having a well thought out master plan is key for success in phase landscaping.


Having a detailed landscape plan also helps in the bidding process. You have a ‘grocery list’ and contractors can bid apples to apples, ensuring you get the best prices.

Even if we do not install the plan, it ensures that the installation from another contractor will match YOUR vision because all too often this is not the case. Without having a formal plan, there is no way of knowing whether your vision and their vision is the same until it’s too late.


Contact us today to learn more about our landscape design process, try out the questionnaire, and see if a landscape design plan is right for you and your space




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Value in Design

Most studies suggest that your home’s landscape should be between 10-15% of your home’s total value, and that you will get that investment back when you go to sell. So, if your home is listed at 300,000, a landscape design and install costing $15,000 is well within reason, especially when you will most likely make that up if you go to sell and get to enjoy its benefits if you plan on staying. A well designed landscape is worth the cost in the end.