Resort Style Living in Your Own Backyard

For the price of taking your family to Disneyland, we can create an oasis in your backyard that you can enjoy for years to come. Langer Landscapes specializes in custom retaining wallswalkways, steps, patios, outdoor kitchens, poolscapes, pizza ovens, Belgium block & border stone installation, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor lighting, and more.

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DO YOUR HOMEWORK. When considering a patio, there are many things you should think about while you start the process


Many people assume a patio should butt up to the back of their home but a stand alone patio, perhaps in the middle of the lawn or tucked away amongst the flower beds has the distinct advantage of all day sun. If the back of your home is in shade during the afternoons you should consider a stand alone patio, especially if sun shine is your thing.


At the moment your idea might be to create a small patio that you can retreat to. If there is a possibility though that you may put your home on the market sometime in the future you should build a patio as big as your space and budget allows. With much more leisure time available, it is the garden we head for. The patio is now an outdoor living room with cooking appliances, comfy seating, perhaps a built in bar or even an outdoor fireplace. A large, well designed patio will give your home extra desirability when it goes on the market.


Setting your budget is a important step. Once we know how much you have allotted to the project, we can begin discussing materials, size, and other options you may have had in mind.


Your patio wants to blend in with both your home and your garden. Blue tiles might look great with a white washed villa in the Mediterranean but will it at your home? Choose a color that blends in with the color of your home. If your garden is formal with straight edges then go for pavers. If your garden has a random landscape, consider natural stone or crazy paving.


As with the style, the design should match your home. If your home has a natural, cozy feel, suggest organic, wavy borders, with a more spuratic pattern. If your home is more modern, then a hardscape with clean straight lines and a distinct pattern may be a better fit.

Plan Ahead

An excellent idea is to buy all your patio furniture before the build starts but AFTER you have chosen a style. Set up your furniture where you envision it will go once the patio is built. By doing this you will be able to make sure you have designed a patio with enough room for your needs.

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