23 Jul 2018

Plant profile: Nepeta “junior walker” This time of year, it’s hard to ignore this lavender beauty. “Junior Walker” is one of my favorite varieties. Hardy, sun loving, deer resistant, this plant is one of the easiest perennials out there. The mint green stems and lavender flowers stand out in any garden and combine with virtually […]

15 Mar 2018

As we head into our 2018 landscape season, I tend to reflect on last year’s trends that I saw growing in popularity and that I hope to see continue into this year. If you’re planning on tackling a project this year, keep some of these growing trends in mind. Who knows, maybe you can incorporate […]

07 Nov 2017

Fall…time for snuggling inside, cozy fires, and outdoor chore amnesia, right? Well yes, but not you’re not quite there yet. Fall is also prime time to prep for a spectacular growing season next year. So while you won’t get instant gratification from some of these chores, they are oh so important for next spring and […]

28 Aug 2017

In the world of hardscaping, there is a great debate between blue stone and pavers for patio construction. Patios are often a large project with large budgets and material should be a huge consideration in the planning stages. The following are pros and cons for both products and how to choose one for your property.  […]

10 Aug 2017

Starting a garden diary sounds like something only hardcore gardeners do, right? Well, maybe so, but it shouldn’t be. Even for the amateur gardener, it is a great way to keep track of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your yard, inspiration, and seasonal cycles that are forgotten about over the winter. […]

10 Jul 2017

Sooooo….Spring is a late bloomer this year (pun intended). But even though the forecast shows winter, I’m thinking spring. I’m getting my 2017 design season started, and I’m excited to incorporate this year’s design trends into my customers’ projects. The workshops and seminars I attended over the winter all seem to be showcasing the same […]

29 Jun 2017

‘Annabelle’ Hydrangea Probably one of my all time favorite shrubs, the Annabelle hydrangea is just a beauty this time of year. It’s a hardy form of arborescens (which are native to CT) that does superb in our colder climate where the blue macrophylla varieties often under perform. They produce stunning large white flowers, sometimes reaching […]

31 May 2017

To Prune or Not to Prune, That is the Question Honestly, pruning is my least favorite landscape chore. I just hate the thought of cutting into my plants and seeing bare stems and fresh cuts. Especially in the early spring, when everything already looks so, well… ugly. But we must for an array of different […]

02 May 2017
out door pizza oven

We all want our yards to be something we can use and enjoy, season after season. But some of us are settling for what we have instead of what we want, for lack of time, decisions over what you actually go ahead with, and money. As a landscape designer, I get a lot of clients telling me […]